Make change obvious


Having recently weighed up the option of upgrading AdMail’s existing website against that of building a new website from scratch, we chose to start again.

There were many reasons behind this decision, including a desire to make sure that vistors returning to our site noticed the chages we had made. Another being that we wanted a site that provided us with an easy way of bringing “new news” to the immediate attention of repeat visitors.

This desire to highlight “new news” was, in turn, based partly on an article I read on “change blindness” ...

Designing web content to suit web usage


It is very easy to fall into the trap of developing web content on the assumption that everyone who visits your website is going to read all of the information you provide in the order you provide it. Sequentially. Word by word. Top left to bottom right.

Nothing could be further from the truth. A recent eye-tracking study that investigated how 232 consumers viewed thousands of web pages shows that web users typically scan content in an "f-shaped pattern" ... two horizontal scans, followed by a vertical scan.

Choosing the right social media sites


Having developing a social media strategy and a list of sites that might suit your purposes, it remains to select the sites that are most appropriate for your business and your business objectives. There is quite a lot of good information available online to help you select the right sites, but I found the above infographic particularly useful.

Selecting The Right Social Media Strategy


Developing a Social Media presence is near the top of just about everyones "To Do List" these days. In many cases this need is expressed as "We need a facebook presence", but there's much more to it than that. The above infographic provides a praticularly helpful framework.

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